Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Beginings!

I hang my head in shame over six months of pure neglect of this old blog and my blogging friends.
For this I am sorry.....
But we have been a little busy around here (Living the Dream)....As many of you know my Hubby and I own and run a family grain farm just south east of Toowoomba in which we are 6th generation we also owned a property near Millmerran an hour away in which we commuted back and forwards to work. October last year we sold our Millmerran property with great relief, planning to sit for awhile. But come December our lovely neighbours came to us with plans of retirement and an offer to buy that we couldn't refuse, as this has been the family dream for many many years, to expand our home land.
So as you see we really have been.... Living the Dream!!
I wont promise to be blogging regularly again for awhile as I have a lot of work to do to the main house before we move in but I will keep you updated and maybe some pics.
And the best news is now we have enough houses for all the family to move back home, with my oldest son taking up nest in the smaller house not to far away from us so I can keep an eye on him lol and my Hubby's Auntie and Uncle who grew up here moving back to our house after we move.
So all that and throw in Christmas a trip to beach for a few weeks and Kids getting back to school and thus is the reason for my lack of any kind of blogging or blog surfing. But I hope to catch up with some of you soon.
I have been doing some crafting though and have even sat down today to play with some challenges I will pop them in a new post next.
So keep looking
Tam x


Christine Blain said...

Wow - big changes, Tammy. Sounds fantastic, and ideal for your family. Would love to see some pics. Nice to see you pop up in my blog feed again, love. xx

Patrice said...

Wow lots of news! Good for you and how wonderful the whole family will be living close again. Can't wait to see your pics. Lovely to see you back :o) x