Sunday, January 29, 2012

Long time between drinks

Hi all,
Yes I am still alive lol .... I know it has been along time between drinks so to speak but I do have a few good reasons for you to forgive me.
The end of last year was a big one for us as as we had 3 children at 3 different schools which meant three lots of all those end of year activities, plus 2 of them were graduations.
I will start at the top... Our oldest Boy Jake graduated from year 12 at Toowoomba Grammar School,
Here is a pic of him and his lovely little girl Tessa on there way to the Formal...
We are so very proud of him and now he's off to Uni to study Engineering, Boy it sure makes you feel a bit old when they start leaving school.
Next the youngest Boy Mitch graduated from Grammar Junior, and is now off to Senior school...
In which I can inform you he is settled in great and loving it.
Then the youngest Em finished year 5 and went into year 6 at our little local school in which this will be her last year there before she too is off to the big smoke next year.
So you can see with all those end of year concerts and dinners etc that keep us very busy leading up to Christmas, then the festive season flew by as usual, but this year I also had the treat of spending time with relatives from Longreach which doesn't happen very often, so that was lovely.
Also leading up to and straight after Christmas is our busiest time on the Farm, so amongst it all I had to slip on the work boots and help Hubby with our winter harvest of wheat and planting of our summer sorghum crops which I might add for the first time in a few years Mother nature is being kind to us and they are looking really good.
Then it was a quick get things ready for the new school year with all that dreaded book covering and shoe buying etc... before we then headed off on our annual trek to beach for a few weeks...
Which was just what the doctor ordered to get over all the goings on.
Home again and straight back into the new school year, so with all the Children settled back this week I finally had time to dust off those much neglected stamps and get them inky again and update this poor old neglected blog.
So after all that I had better show you some of what you are really here for...

For this one I have used the Aviary Stamp set and the colours River rock, Cherry Cobbler and Marina Mist.
I did make a couple in this combo but will save the other one to show you later in the week.
So there you have it.... I hope you all enjoyed your silly season and summer Holiday's as much as I did mine.
Until next time
Happy Stamping
Tam x


Patrice said...

What timing, I slipped by your blog only last night to see if you'd dropped off my dashboard...didn't want to miss anything.

Sure sounds like a busy few months. That pic of Jake and Tessa is gorgeous! Love the card too of course lol.

My boy starts year 6 next week too then off to high school...makes me feel old.

Looking forward to seeing lots more lovely creations from you soon.

Robyn said...

Hi Tam.. Good to "see" you again! That is one handsome son you have got there! And good to hear that the weather has been kind for your crops so far.Thanks for the idea of putting the sketches in a note book- I have them all on scraps of paper which of course eventually get lost/thrown out- will be copying your plan TFS!

Fiona Platzer said...

Hi Tam,
So good to see you back stamping. Your aviary card is Fab good to see you didn't loose your touch lol.

Christine said...

want to say something cheeky, but just cant come up with anything except, bout time!!!!!!! looking forward to more, c u Wed for a cuppa and craft chat. oh, and lovely card.