Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just Add Ink #61

This week over at Just Add Ink is a challenge to Just add stamps, and nothing else which means no ribbon ;0(
so this is quite a challenge for me but I came up with this....
I have made this card before using Red and Black and it was stunning, I don't think it has quite the effect in Black, Tango and Suede, but I wanted to add it to a card pack I am making in these colours.
Any back to the house work I brushed off during the week ;o(

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two for the price of one.

Since I haven't had much stamping time lately I thought I would be sneaky and get two challenges out of one card.  The first is a colour from Keesh at Inkspiration Challenges...
Then I used the sketch from Try stampin' on Tuesdays...
 and this is what I came up with....
As you notice it's a little covered note book again, I love doing these as little gifts for friends or family.
I haven't had much stamping time this week, but today I have to be at home to wait for the chippie to come and install a new screen door... Now there is plenty of house work I could be doing...  but I really feel some stamping time is needed more, don't you think? So its back to the desk now to see what else I can come up with.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you Patrice

I received this Stylish blog award from the lovely Patrice if you haven't checked out her blog yet you are missing out... She is one talented lady so get your self over there and check it out.
Now on receiving this I am to tell you 8 things about myself and pass it on to some of my blogger friends,
I will keep this short and sweet as not to bore you too much...

1. I grew up in the city, but since moving to the country to be with my Hubby I could never again go back, call me a country girl through and through.
2. I too like the other girls, am very particular about the toilet roll and yes Patrice I too have been know to change other peoples roll when visiting.
3. I don't watch any TV at all... nothing really interest me (or should I say the sports Hubby is watching doesn't interest me lol)
4.I spend far too much time in the car (as I am sure most Mothers do) some weeks I can travel more 300km and that's just Monday to Friday.
5.I love paper crafting and I love the friends I have made from it.
6.I have been card making for over 10 years now, boy time flies.
7.I love the smell of rain and fresh mowed grass,
8.I LOVE cadbury chocolate nearly as much as I love stamping!!

Now to pass this on to just a few...
Karen Gower
Karen Thomas
Rachel Moore

Hope you all enjoy it

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inkspiration #61

I found a little time to squeeze in a challenge or two this week, the first is Keesh's over at Inkspirations,
This is the sketch for the week...
 and this is what I came up with...
I also threw in another challenge here,  In our group of Demos the lovely Ailsa puts a challenge out to her customers each month for a bit of fun but she has also let us in on the act, so who am I to knock back a challenge when offered.  Her challenge for this month was Black and White with a bit of one colour, I think I may have added a little more of that one colour then I was suppose to though! oops! Sorry Ailsa ;o)
but it is still just black and white and one other colour ;o)  Now I also challenged myself ... not to use ribbon, which I seem to have to use on every thing lately and boy it was hard... don't you think it would have just made it with a nice big black or red bow, I really feel like something is missing.
Well any way a day at home today to spend at the desk making a card or two with lots of ribbon on them. lol

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Elements of style

I had a lovely Birthday on Thursday and Thank you to all of you who commented or emailed me Birthday wishes.
I spent the morning drinking far to much coffee and eating far to many goodies with my my good friend and stamping Buddie Chris, This is the beautiful card she made me...
I have been telling her for ages now she really needs to get her own blog to show off these wonderful creations of hers!! and of course here we are... (mind you not a good photo of me I kinda look in pain maybe that was from to much cheesecake Yum!)
I spent the afternoon with my Mum and had a lovely Thai dinner with the Family to end a wonderful day. Lastly  I want to share a special Birthday card made especially for me from my 9 year old daughter Emily...
She is coming along nicely and will be in line to take over the card making business from me any day now!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Add Ink #58

This is the last week at Just Add Ink  for the very talented Amanda Reddicliffe  and Danielle Daws so the challenge for the week is dedicated to them (who could pass that up to say goodbye).... so its a lets case Amanda and Danielle challenge.
For this card I chose to case Danielle as I have learnt a lot from her, including how to make the bow on my card! Her blog has lots of great Ideas so check it out.
So this is for you Danielle.... Thank you for your inspiration...

I was really hoping to get one done too for the very talented Amanda but sorry guys I have ran out of week I will try today but I think I will miss the cut off but If your into scrapbooking and photography check out Amanda's blog she has great tips.
Well better get cracking if I want to achieve anything today.
Happy Stamping to you all