Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friends Never Fade

I just wanted to pop in show you a card I made with the new stamp set Friends never fade, I really like this set but when I got it out to use... nothing!! So I struggled on and on and sat and looked and thought about it for while, and after all that this is all that would come...
Now the old Mojo has been a little slow lately from all the craft fair cramming, but in the end I don't mind it, it's growing on me I think it's the colours Orange is not me, what do you think?
Well off to do my once a year flutter on the horses and have a gala lunch with some good friends at a Melbourne cup luncheon. Hope you all back a winner ;o)

Thanks for dropping by


Karen G said...

This is a gorgeous card, Tammy. I am also not a big fan of orange and only use it occasionally. Good luck on the horsies today, hope you back a winner too!!!

Karen G.

Christine said...

well - i love orange and i would have to say this is one of the most beautiful cards you have ever made, seriously!