Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Box in a Bag

I told you I would be back today to show you some more of what I have been up to...
Yesterday I mentioned to a friend that I hadn't made a card just for the sake of making a card for a long while now so that is what I set out to do but the Box and Bag Bug caught me before I could finish it,  so instead I whipped up these cute little box in a bag's the template can be found on Split Coast.

And yes they are headed to the markets...

Maybe I will go and try that card now, I know I have a few Birthdays coming up!! so I really should get on to them before its the last minute cram the night before!!

Happy Stamping


Karen G said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. I too have made a few of these bags, just have to finish them off with some ribbon. I just love how easy they are. Still waiting to see a card, teehee!!!

Karen G.

Christine said...

the bags are just adorable, just the bees knees with Christmas coming up. I might try and make some to put cards packs in for Christmas gifts... good idea?