Monday, June 28, 2010

Where have I been?

Boy how the time fly's when you are busy, the last couple of weeks of school were just hectic for me, between end of term presentations, Parent Teacher interviews, two sports days at which I organize the catering for, throw in a couple of Tuckshop days as well that I do, and Finally I had a very excited 10 year old because he was turning 11 on Sunday although he has just invented a new age of eleventeen! lol Kids seem to want to grow up so fast, if only they really new the responsibility's of being an adult.
So with all that do you really need to ask where have I been?
Certainly not at my craft desk ;0(
But I do have something to show you, I made these CD cases a few weeks ago, I think they are great for when you are giving a CD for a gift to dress it up a little. I found the tutorial on the very clever Makeesha Byles web site

To all you Mums out there enjoy the hoildays, (no more lunches to make yeahhh)
and maybe even a sleep in....
Happy Stamping

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Karen G said...

These are lovely Tammy. I so love making these types of things as well and Makeesha's tutorials are excellent. Don't kids say the funniest things!!! You enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Karen G.