Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Award

I was lucky enough to received this award from Karen Gower and Fiona Platzer both very talented ladies and would be at the top of my list to send this award back to, so go and check out their blogs.
Now the rules that go with receiving this is that I now have to pass it on to 10 blogs I think deserve the beautiful blogger award which is a very hard job because there are just so many that are fantastic. I then have to tell you 10 things about myself.

So first the hard one, picking just 10 blogs I love .
I know some of these have already received this from others but it would just not seem right if I didn't send you one too.

1. Karen Thomas
2. Jodene Tripp
3. Kerri Donsky
4. Christine Blain
5. Kirsty Brown
6. Katie Halden
7. Val West
The last 3 are to all the wonderful Ladies at these challenge sites that put in all the hard work to give us new challenges and samples every week, much appreciated. Thank you
8. Just add Ink
9. Clean and Simple
10. Stamping 411

Boy that was hard lol

Now for the boring easy bit 10 things about me.

1. I have a loving Husband Craig and three sometimes fantastic Kids (that is when there not fighting) Jake Mitch and Emily.
2. I grew up in the back of my Mum and Dads shoe repair shop which they owned and worked for 40 years. My Dad repaired shoes for 60 years and worked up until the day before he had a heart attack and passed away at the age of 76, which was only last August.
3. My husband has turned me into a farm girl through and through, and I would never move back to the city again.
4. A proposed open cut Coal mine, Petro Chemical Plant and power station are threatening to move in next door to our property on which my Husbands family have lived for over 130 years.
5. I am a big Twilight Fan the books are way better than the films. ( and yes we can admit that at our age Karen! lol)
6. My eldest son Jake just got his learners so my stress levels have suddenly hit the roof.
7. I don't watch any TV at all.
8. I love Chocolate, has to cadbury and has to be big!!
9. I have always wanted to go camping but Hubby likes the luxury of motels/units, but I am working on him.
10. I have a wonderful life that I love, with great friends and feel very blessed that Myself and family are happy and healthy.

And I thought that was the easy bit (wrong!) You try coming up with 1o.
Anyway Thanks again to Karen and Fiona for the award it was a lovely surprise.

Till next time
Happy Stamping


Amanda said...

Thanks for nominating Just Add Ink for the Beautiful Blogger award! We really appreciate it! x Amanda

Christine Blain said...

Tammy, I loved learning a bit about you - GREAT facts about yourself. I'm super-impressed about the "no tv" bit!! Thank you so much for passing this award to me. I am honoured. Christine x

Karen G said...

You are most welcome to be a receiver of this award. I just love checking in on your blog. Wow, love the 10 facts about you. I also have a learner driver and know the stress you are talking about!!! Take care.

Karen G.